Classroom Management Plan 

I want each student to actively engage in a positive classroom learning environment that leaves them free to discuss content while at the same time respecting the learning environment and themselves. 

How I will deal with the confrontational student. 
I will not loose my temper
I will take a deep breath and think out my thoughts before I loose my temper 
I will not raise my voice 
Instead I will talk quietly to the student to calm the situations
I will not get other students involved
I will speak with the student after they have calmed down
Privately Talk to a student
I will talk to the student after class or outside of the room with other students watching so I do not get accused of doing something. 
If there is absolutely no other option or the situation is completely out of control and all other discipline resources have been used I will call or refer to the office for assistance as a last resort.
If students do not behave after multiple confrontational issues I will call their parents.
I will treat each student as an individual human and discipline what works best for their personality  while one student may respond to humor others may respond to a simple stop. 

Classroom Discipline Plans 
I will post classroom rules on the wall and in syllabus.
I will be consistent and follow through with my discipline strategies. 
I will punish students in ways that match their crime. 
If a student cheats, I will require them to write a test. 
If a student puts down other students they will have to write a paper on what affects bullying has on students. 
I will use actions and attitude in the classroom and not let my home life and attitudes reflect on my teaching abilities. 
I will try to deal with all classroom issues in the classroom and send students to the principals office after all other alternatives have been used. 

To establish a positive learning environment I will: 
Have high expectations for student behaviors
Use humor 
I will use humor to educate, diffuse situations but not be sarcastic as many students feel targeted by sarcasm.
I will also over plan each days lesson
By over planning I will keep my students busy and always have enough to teach so students don't have free time to be disruptive. 
I will practice positive reinforcement
I will congratulate students for their good work
I will call parents for the positive behaviors and work of their students.

Parent teacher relationships and conferences
I will communicate with students prior to conferences to keep an open relationship
I will come to conferences prepared with examples and documents of students work
I will start the conference with a warm greeting and agendas 
I will begin and end conferences on a positive note to eliminate negative views
I will dress and act professionally during school and conference times. 
For irritated or parents who may be unhappy or hostile I will include another individual like a guidance councilor in the conference.
During conferences I will be attentive and listen to what parents have to say.  
During conferences, I will try to prepare myself for upset parents 

Some Simple Classroom Rules I will have are 
Come to class on time
I can Make Tardy Cards – A student will be given one or two tardy allowances a semester
On time quizzes that happen as soon as the bell rings and if not in the room students miss the quiz 
Attendance points can be earned and tardy students loose points 
I will attend to personal needs before I come to class to eliminate being a tardy teacher
Students will remain in their seats unless they have permission to get up and walk around
No candy or food in the classroom with out special permission or medical needs.
Students are expected to bring required necessary materials every night unless otherwise directed
Students should talk only when permitted 
Students should only talk when permitted 
Students should be respectful, be polite and use appropriate body language. 
Students are expected to be fair and not cheat
Students should follow students directions immediately.