The words “I believe in the future of agriculture with a faith born not of words but of deeds,” are not only the words of the FFA creed but also words I try to live by. Sitting in my high school's agriculture classroom my freshman year, I wanted to dissect animals for a living. The more I learned about FFA and the available opportunities, the more I thought about changing my career goals.

            Throughout my years in FFA, I was an active FFA member. While many students have their FFA advisor to help them, I was left to inform myself. I learned how to use the state and national websites in order to teach myself how to apply and fill out FFA paperwork. Paperwork I have taught myself how to fill out included national courtesy corps applications or state and national degrees. Teaching myself the basics of FFA, I missed many of the activities I could have participated in because I did not know they existed. Today I can guide my four little brothers and future students though FFA. I want to be an advisor and help my students succeed in every way possible.

          Life on a farm made me develop a passion for agriculture. It bothers me to see people missing the positive influences and skills brought to students by agricultural classes and the FFA program. I am a person who loves to help people and work with people. If I am not involved in multiple organizations, helping people, I feel incomplete and unsatisfied with my life. By being a teacher and FFA Advisor I can give people the chance I have always wanted. I can help them live their life to the fullest and develop their passions. 

            I believe outstanding teacher should be one who challenges students to do their best and find their inner self. Students should find what satisfies the student’s life. I want to help them find their passions. I want to teach students hands-on agriculture that enables them to live life to their full potential. I do not want students to miss opportunities that could change their life. I want to make a difference in as many lives as possible. 

            As a teacher, I will teach students a variety of agricultural concepts including agriculture economics, agronomy, and animal science.  I want to help my students learn by hands-on demonstrations, projects and other educational techniques. I plan to help students learn lifelong skills though my agricultural classes and FFA experiences. I want to be the teacher I never had. I want to be the teacher and advisor students feel comfortable coming to in times of need. I want my students to find themselves and really know their intrapersonal self through their classroom and FFA experiences. Most of all I want my deeds in agricultural education to educate tomorrow’s students. 

            Growing up on a small farm in rural Northeast Iowa has also helped me develop a passion for agriculture. My parents are self-employed farmers who farm about 350 acres. On our farm we have 500 sows (mother pigs) and sell about 10,000 10lb pigs a year. We also have 100 beef cows and about 300 beef steers which we finish. With a poor economy we bought some laying hens and get about 3 dozen eggs a day. Family pets are also part of a farming profit as we raise meat rabbits and sell purebred Australian Dogs. When I am not working on the family farm or being involved in organizations, I spend time with my brothers. I am the oldest and have four little brothers ranging in ages from eight to nineteen. As you can see agriculture is my life and having a background in this field helps me have more experience when I become a teacher.